For all my dog-loving friends.
Nicole Whalen

This brings back so many very interesting memories. Once, I was taking a nap on the futon, sitting up, I opened my eyes to my kitten settling in for a nap on top of my head.

Bath and shower time, that little joker always ended up in the tub with me.

One of my favorite memories: I’m dead tired and come in and leave everything open and unguarded. I nap. I go to the bathroom in the dark. I get back in the bed and watch a couple law & order episodes while dozing. Ike the conqueror is walking all over me while I sleep, occasionally dozing as well.

I wake up refreshed & ready for life a little after midnight. I get up to hunt for dinner. Ike jumps up to do the same. I look at the floor to see random spots of dirt. I have no idea what it is. I solve the problem of mysterious dirt by putting on my slippers. I go into the bathroom to wash my face.

I turn on the light and go to the sink. the mysterious dirt spot is all around and inside my previously cleaned porcelain sink. I look around to see these spots all around the toilet seat, in the tub, the shelving in the bathroom. I turn around to look for the fiend. Goofball kitty is drinking water with two paws in the water bowl.

I lean on the wall to watch the cat sparing the lecture. Little joker walks past me & into the bathroom, jumps on the toilet seat and proceeds to swish the water around with already wet pass. And I see fresh dirt spots being formed on the toilet and the jump from the toilet seat to the sink.

The worst part about this is I let the joker get in my bed to sleep with me. I vividly remember thinking, in the midst of too tired to care, “I almost want to know why this fool is wet.”