What Does It Mean To Be A Muslim Woman In The Modern World?
Fariha Róisín

this is more needed now more than ever.

i saw a friend two days ago that i hadn’t seen in years. a whole family of muslims. they were the first black muslims that i’ve met, it was a really sort of a culture shock for me. the first thing i noticed was that she wasn’t in hijab when stumbling upon them enjoying their lunch on the patio. she looked different to me. the first thing i thought to myself, “is she not muslim any more?” i had the audacity to think about asking her that too! i did not. i kicked myself, reminding myself that her “muslim” is not defined by whether she chooses to wear her hijab or not. it was a bit ignorant for me to think otherwise. i redeemed myself, fortunately.

we need these spaces because we aren’t monolithic creatures. therefore, neither are our faiths and how we choose to identify with and in them. awareness in this time is everything!