This is a heart wrenching read.

This means a lot to me. You returning to share your thoughts & emotions, means a lot to me.

It is a heavy read. I would apologize if I could. But that wouldn’t be okay for me to do considering its based on actual events that I was on the outside looking into.

Not that I’m glad it was heart wrenching. No. That’s a cruel thing to do. To grab a heart and twist it. Intentionally. For the sake of “a story”. To do that is going for shock value. I don’t have that in me.

I’m glad it was felt intensely. And not easily forgotten. I’m glad you sat w it a couple days or hours & allowed it to flow through you however it did.

This is the story of a fighter not just merely a survivor of a very intended traumatic relationship & marriage. That’s what I wanted to communicate above all. I feel as if I did.

Thank you for your shared words.

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