and you’re making me question whether I should be wearing a pin,
I hear you loud and clear walkerjojones, and you’re making me question whether I should be wearing…

totally not my intention.

what matters is you do what feels right and necessary for you. if it brings you peace, do what you must. if it helps strengthen your voice, go forth in the decision that you made. if you mutually agreed to do, with your people and it helps them, it makes sense to me.

i think everyone has to find what fits them. it may not be a non-monolithic type movement. you may found your own. you may link up with an established one.

go in the direction of your heart.

everything i wrote, is/was my based on what i feel. not to dismiss. not to silence. not to shut down nor embarrass.

side note: we all need to go somewhere quiet and and think a lot of things through. much of america needs a time-out on both sides. you are not alone.

ultimately pursue peace and you can’t go wrong in whatever you decide to do.

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