unearthed. (the mothers. )

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(creative commons.)

they walk across the cool sands
before the sun rises shedding their coverings
they are uncovered in solidarity
the daughters await the full moon
they support the daughter’s
their daughters
the elder mothers remain behind
watchful eyes
along the lines of the sand

the mothers swim
dance on the water
praise to the sun
greeting the morning

the mothers collect
shells /pearls / gems / stones
lay their treasures at the store

the mothers swim
until the sun rises
no longer beneath the waters
reflecting the rays
they emerge
bowing to the sun

she sits in the morning sands
sun gaze
the ocean’s sacrifices
at her feet
the other daughters beside her
equally bestowed in ocean love

the mothers bow 
before their descendants
their blood
in support

in your silence / your confusion / you are woman / your own shape / your own colors / apart from me / composed of you own pieces / chunks of you that are not from me / you are yourself / i am pleased to have this day / with you / near you / this is your beginning / you are becoming yourself / i bow / in awe / honor / you are less me / more yourself / i am proud / you are ready / you are peace / you are blackness / you are power / you are life / you are fire / this is your purpose / i have poured myself into you / so that you’d never thirst for love / for power / for control / you will pour your goodness / from the moon / from yourself / from your blackness / in the absence of fear / you don’t fear blackness / you don’t fear yourself / pour from blackness / the grains of sand / the magic / the sun and the moon / they will love you / and make love to you / depths no soul can touch / do not submit to the weakness of pains / desperation / you are blackness / you are power / you are life / you are fire / you breath through it / you don’t stop breathing

the five mothers have spoken
separate words of admonishment /support / commands / love 
the five daughters have heard
the eldest mothers stand the daughters
the daughters bow
first, to the mothers

the fathers wait
they bow to the five daughters
escorts to the feasts

she breathes deeply

“keep breathing, daughter.”