unicorns bleed before they die : truth!

*andrew nichols*
i won’t make promises
i did that once
i kept my end
there was always yesterday
calluses of let down, growing, over hard
to rough our tomorrows
watch you enter a room, i smile
heat and secrets meet in the sun
eager for fire and screams in the stars
the weight of it all
a maternal rest in my womb
i heal you as i always do
hungering for a simple touch
longing to be devoured in your hips
begging to made naked in your eyes
but, you can’t see me this way
tender nurture care for your bones
i throw chaos to the edge of oblivion’s
strike grief down in delightful destruction
tearing through currents of time to recover
only to feel you not desire
your promises, gone to the wind
a liar out of me has been made
the want, forced to fade
the fear, willful, in my face
forced to address, this is half my fail
flying through currents of time 
searching for deleted files
searching for those currents
that time…
when i thought
we could be truth