This poem was based on Matthew 23:27. In this verse of the Bible, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees and calling them out on their hypocritical behavior (saying one thing and doing another). Hypocrites are everywhere. Sometimes you'll find you’re one too.

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All you have is heaven,

all you have is hell,

all that you’ve been given,

the cards that you’ve been dealt

The sins and great transgressions

you claimed to have been saved,

just a bunch of honorable mentions,

these dirty roads you’ve paved

Beauty on the outside

just a pretty blanket,

filthy on the inside

pretend that you can take it.



What would you say to a younger you who was in pain? Would you be angry with them for feeling it? Or try to comfort them?

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Hi, I know you haven't been feeling well

Your hidden smile is how I can tell

Neither of us can read minds so I'm writing this

If I said it, in my mouth I'd put my fist

I can't tell if your joy is fake

Or do you just put on a brave face

so many people use the three words

but I want to be the first

if no one ever tells you again

I will always be your friend

and no matter what you do

I will always love you.



Evonne Ford

Evonne Ford

I'll admit sometimes I'm a bit depressing. But every now and then there's beauty and thought-provoking words of love.