Moonshot Thinking

or the art of aiming for 10x better than 10%

Well… Let’s get things clear just before I start. Moonshot Thinking is named after an aspirational video by Google, that you can see here:

Although I didn’t call this kind of attitude for this name, I’m glad that when I look back to what I’ve accomplished and the person I’ve built until today I can see a lot of “Moonshot thinking” going on. I just didn’t call it by this name.

Some weeks ago, a colleague of mine, at Brave was talking to the creative team and gave us this insight, the moonshot thinking. That was when it came to me: That’s it! That’s the name of that thing! This is cool! It makes you go further and further and facing big problems with a great mindset! 10x is better and EASIER than 10%.

And because of this, I felt that somehow I should translate this to a visual moto, to something that I could look everyday and feel inspired to get more things done, and most of all… doing it better.

This piece was all developed in illustrator. I had a a simple goal. No photoshop this time. I want to think big so this should also be as big as technology permits. So I developed it all in Illustrator. Here is a GIF of the stages of the illustration.

Oh! And make sure that you check the Google employees video once in a while, to feel inspired and use that energy to do your best (and for the best reasons… I hope).

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