Day 12 - Travelling

It has been exactly a year and a half since I travelled alone. Back then I was on a monthly getaway from Bali, Kuta, Langkawi, Phuket, Krabi, Macau, and Hong Kong, and back to Singapore.

I was constantly on the move, leaving the hotel in the morning and get back by around 10–11pm. It was my first time travelling myself then. Naturally, They were scared, My parents, siblings, even myself! :D

It was a rewarding experience. I became more daring to do crazy things (like surfing when I dont even know how to swim). I wish I met more people then but my schedule did not really allow me to.

Solitude can be a very beautiful thing. I experience a unique kind of peace.

This time, I plan to achieve that. I’ll be on this Island for 5days. Considering to disconnect from the intetnet so I’m posting ahead of schedule.

P.S. 7 things everybody learns traveling solo

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