Day 120 — Tokyo Ghoul Season 2

Binge watched Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 today. It triggered a lapse in me, of losing someone important.

This is not your typical zombie apocalypse show. The protagonist is half human and half ghoul, thus experiencing life in both worlds. Being a human, he has his friends and know what is the fear like of being eaten by a ghoul. Being a ghoul he wants to stop eating human. it is a sad life for both worlds.

The sad moment was when a ghoul fell in love with a woman and later on the woman bumped into the ghoul killing human. Panicked the ghoul charged to the girl to kill her, but she hugged her. She accepted her for what he is and understands that he’s been “struggling and alone”

This reminds me of my struggles, alone, and finally someone who can understand. Make someone feel that. Make someone feel loved.

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