Day 72 — Talking observations from the Witcher

For my first 2 years working at SG, I worked with UK team, more directly with an Australian residing there. As a result, I got his accent and my sentence always end with an up note like a question. I noticed this when I was playing “The Witcher 3 — Wild Hunt” (based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s Novel) the protagonist is a Witcher, a human that is stripped of emotions or feelings. Here are what I noticed:

  1. Talk in a slow, down manner. It sounds more sincere and makes the conversation good. Talking in a husky voice (imagine Liam Neeson) is a plus :)
  2. Talk only a sentence then ask back to the other person. Don’t talk more than 3 sentence unless you’re telling a story
  3. Instead of asking direct questions like “What do you mean?” make a funny comment. Usually the other person laughs and responds with the a proper answer.

I’m still playing through the game and loving it. Beautiful cities and mountains, well though out character development, butterfly effect (decisions which affects latter events) this has the best narrative from what I played so far.

If you game like me. recommend you get one, enjoy the scenery, explore the lands, freely.

Games teach valuable things, tests your morals, trains your brain by puzzle solving skills, and your skills with reaction time and observing sorroundings.