Day 92 — Wakai

My shoes. I walk a lot, and this is what happens to them after a while. Time to get a new pair. I asked around. Timberland was the most recommended besides Addidas and Nike.

Timberland shoes looks great for casual wear, heavy feel like boots, and has thick soles, classy. Average cost is $200. I like the looks it looks great with fashion however I need something more utilitarian which Addidas and Nike had, but it looked very sporty, not something I’d wear in the office, cost is around $150.

A friend who was familiar with Japanese brands brought me around. Finally I found something that I like, something easy to put on and remove, comfortable to walk with, flexes properly when I jump, and costs only $49.

Wakai, a japanese word that means young/youthful in English. I would not be able to find this shop on my own, and really thankful ☺

A tiny spark ignites a flame, just as a helping hand can do the same