Day X — My last post

More than 200 days passed since I started writing daily in Medium which some I have made public. This post would be my last “Day X” format post and below are the reasons why I decided to stop, what did I learn along the way, and what will be the future of this blog.

Why did I decide to stop?

2 months ago I quit my job, a job I enjoyed and decided to travel for the rest of the year to re-examine my purpose, vision and goals for the next 10–20 years. I already learned a lot on the travel but that’s another story.

It was a tough decision, to give up everything you built whether it’s things owned, place, work, relationships and start again from scratch. Age is one of the reasons, I wonder if people my age also had the same thoughts? but I digress.

I decided to stop because of internet connectivity (slow or none at all) and Medium doesn’t work offline, so I placed it in a note and uploaded everything when I get connected and later found out that Medium limits number of publishes per day.

I ended up buying a journal and do it old school style ;)

What was the experience like of writing daily?

Which audience should I reach? What content should I write? these are the questions I asked when I started to write daily. Whether it is a new place to visit, or trying out new things the end goal is to inspire and encourage myself and people. If you want to change the world the change needs to start with you.

There is a meditative quality when I write down my thoughts. I can write faster now. Was it hard initially? yes! but after a while you’ll got comfortable doing it. Learning new things is always hard from the beginning, hang in there the results are worth it!

While writing I got invited to some publications which I totally never expected, another unexpected thing was having followers and readers like some of you whom I don’t personally know. Thank you for reading, I wish we can meet someday!

What’s next for this blog?

I don’t know yet. What’s sure for now is that I’ll post my backpacking experiences after the whole travelling thing is finished by end of 2016, you can check out my travel photos at

I wish you happiness and all the best, thank you for reading!

“Your happiness is shaped by the quality of your thoughts”