Less than a week left to vote!

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There is less than a week of voting time remaining for superblock 3067200 and “turnout”, aka masternode owner participation, is rather low. If you’re a masternode owner and haven’t done so yet, please take five minutes to review the active proposals and vote.

You can see the full list of active proposals in the GUI wallet, or in Crown Platform Monitor or at CrownCentral.net

You can vote in the GUI wallet directly, or by copying the vote commands from the Platform Monitor or CrownCentral into the debug window of the GUI wallet, or executing them using the crown-cli command line tool. …

Weeks of hard work by a dedicated band of Crown contributors, led by @crowncoin_knight, have come to fruition with the release of the new crownplatform.com website.

Light theme on Desktop

The idea for a major overhaul of the website was first publicised in early June. The existing site was over two years old by that point and starting to look tired and in need of a revamp for a new audience. The stated objectives were:

  • A fresh look with a clear message of who we are and where are we going
  • Emphasis on low carbon footprint
  • Less text
  • Encourage community participation by (social) network interaction
  • Mobile friendly
  • Prominent links to the Crown Platform Monitor

Implicit in the first item was simplification and updating of the roadmap. The map now shows with a timeline how we got to where we are, and where we’re going next. …

Just the facts, ma’am

Present: ahmedbodi, ashot, crowncoin-knight, pjcltd, walkjivefly

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Ashot investigated the possibility of including the Dash deterministic MN code in the Bitcoin codebase update. He judged it too much work and too high risk. In view of this he thinks we should proceed with the “vanilla” Bitcoin codebase update and only later address deterministic nodes.

He has been working on some sync issues in his own small testnet. Hopefully he’ll soon be ready to progress to a larger testnet. In preparation for this he will take a look at the testnet halvening problem (issue 333).


After adding NFT support to Bitcore, the Crown Insight explorers are able to operate again. insight-02.crownplatform.com is already running, the other two sites will be cloned from it and functional again soon. …

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