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Less than a week left to vote!

Codebase update, DMNs and NFT trading, warts’n’all


Background part 1

Less than a week left to vote!

Weeks of hard work by a dedicated band of Crown contributors, led by @crowncoin_knight, have come to fruition with the release of the new website.

Light theme on Desktop
  • A fresh look with a clear message of who we are and where are we going
  • Emphasis on low carbon footprint
  • Less text
  • Encourage community participation by (social) network interaction
  • Mobile friendly
  • Prominent links to the Crown Platform Monitor

Just the facts, ma’am



Get paid to post news items

NewsBunker plus faucet = free money!

August report on income and expenditure is a simple demonstration of the capability of Crown’s NFT platform


How to use it

  1. Navigate to
  2. Register for an account.
    You must provide a username, email address, password and a Crown address which you control. homepage with the Account pulldown activated
Select Register from the Account dropdown

Minted at 31st Jul 2020 08:45:32 UTC

Proposals as visualised in Crown Platform Monitor shortly before the superblock


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