Support your DAO!

There is about one week of voting time remaining for superblock 3801600. There is one important proposal which needs your support.

You can see the full list of active proposals in the GUI wallet, or in Crown Platform Monitor or at

You can vote in the GUI wallet directly, or by copying the vote commands from the Platform Monitor or CrownCentral into the debug window of the GUI wallet, or executing them using the crown-cli command line tool. A brief summary of the active proposals is

A screenshot from Crown platform monitor showing the active proposals for superblock 3801600

The Crown-rebranding-new proposal is collecting funding for the rebranding which will accompany the new 0.21 release which is under active development and currently being exercised in testnet.

Voting is quick and easy. Masternode owners, please take a few minutes to exercise your right to participate in the Crown Decentralised Governance Program.