Breathe and alter the pattern. It's following you. The vibration, mood or pattern is following you around. You can't seem to shake it. Well child it's attached like a shadow.

A conscious breath, mindful breathing can reset. Dismiss the shadow and reset the vibration altering the pattern.

A new day, breathe it. Take time to be still. 
Take a breath into the body, deep within. Then release. Focus on no thing. Just the breath.

Feel the universal energy and allow it to enter your whole being. Now reset.

Think on what now leaves you and want now you wish to create. Reset.

Guidance is lovingly firm today.

Angels remind you the energy of the universe is all around is you. Within you.

The quickest reminder.....a breath.

Consciously, mindfully breathe.

Take in the energies of the universe....feel it fill your body..mind and spirit.

It will calm a raging ego and ignite a loving soul.

Angels and your spirit guides around you....simply remind you to breathe.

With love xxx