Amsterdam brand Wallace Hume Watches enables BTC payments

Over 30% of Wallace Hume its last months orders were payed with bitcoin. Wallace Hume ( is a populair watch brand for millenials (age 18–35). With the upcoming blockchain technology disruption more and more millenials are transferring their dollars and euro’s into cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin as their leader. Wallace Hume is runned by two crypto enthousiasts that believe in a digital future but still have a weakness for minimalistic class. Therefore their watches are of minimal design with classy perlon straps in various colors. However they believe and want to stimulate the digital age as well. This lead them to be one of the early adoptor fashion brands that makes bitcoin payment possible. Wallace Hume doesnt regret the decision as in the last month the orders payed with bitcoin increased to over 30% of their total sales. Order come from all over the world but especially from Europe, USA and China. (China orders decreased the last period, possibly due to the crypto ban).

WH Olive Green Perlon Strap

The founders are very excited about this phenomenom, ofcourse as it helps their sales, but even more because it indicates that cryptocurrencies are increasingly getting integrated into the old economy and becoming main stream. A Wallace Hume watch with a perlon strap costs only 0.01btc — 0.015btc…a cheap buy for a crypto lambo driver. Safe trading.

Amsterdam, New York.