I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I started with the Note 3 when I switched from the Apple iPhone 4s. At that time I wanted a bigger phone and Apple didn’t have it yet. Read my First Android story here.

Since then I’ve upgraded twice! Each new version of the Samsung Note has gotten better and better. I also like the Android operating system over Apple iOS. I will never go back to Apple iPhone they just don’t compare in my book. I have several Mac computers and love them! If you like to tweak and customize things you’ll love the Android Os.

The upgrade to the Note 4 was a very pleasant experience with tons of new features and speed. The upgrade to the Note 5 was even better!

I’m a professional photographer and I shoot with professional Canon camera equipment every day. One of the features of the new Samsung Note 5 is the ability to shoot in RAW mode just like my professional Canon camera does. The file size and quality is almost as good as my professional Canon equipment and it takes a better picture in most cases. I will be doing some photoshoots with only my Samsung Note 5 in the future.

Let’s talk about video. The Samsung Note 5 captures amazing 4k video which blows away my Canon 5d Mark III which doesn’t even have follow focus. I can also live stream directly to Youtube and edit and publish a full video with titles, transitions and voiceovers. Here’s a little video about my favorite steak and cheese place. The professional camera makers like Canon and Nikon really need to take a few notes (pun intended) of what’s happening in the phone market and start making better cameras smarter.

Here’s a sunrise photo I took the other day with the Samsung Note 5. I pulled off the side of the road, jumped out of the car, double clicked on the home button of my Note 5 and took the picture. It’s quick and easy which means getting great photos and videos, unlike getting out my professional equipment and fiddling with settings to get the same look “maybe”.

Image for post
Image for post
Sunrise Lake Mead National Recreation Area Nevada

The photo and video technology everyone has in their pocket these days is really amazing and I highly recommend the Samsung Note 5.

If you’d like to see more photos from my Samsung Note 5 visit my Instagram page and Youtube channel

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