In 2002 I turned my passion for both PC gaming and motorsports into a business; from the desire to succeed at both, MAINGEAR was born. With very limited resources, and literally working out of a garage, our little startup stood out by employing the type of discipline, aesthetics, and purpose-built design that drives success in motorsports, whether it’s on or off the race track. Many of our “firsts” can easily be traced directly to that world: we were one of the first PC companies to offer automotive paint finishes, the first to offer overclocked and liquid-cooled PCs, as well as the first to offer PCs with vertical heat dissipation. Our goal was simple, make PC gaming better by building better PCs.

Fast forward to 2018, and today we build the best gaming PCs on earth! But don’t just take my word for it, check out what the media thinks of our newly released F131 gaming PC here, here and here. Over the last few years PC gaming and eSports has become hottest thing that everyone’s talking about, and MAINGEAR is at the center of it. Who would’ve known?

When I first started MAINGEAR, one company especially stood out as the one to beat, and that company was VoodooPC. I always thought they were the coolest kids on the block, and being the competitive person that I am, this drove me to push the envelope. In my head I wanted to be like Voodoo, but even better! I eventually met Rahul Sood (Voodoo’s CEO) at a tradeshow, and we instantly hit it off. We had a similar vision for the future of PC gaming, loved clean aesthetics, loved motorsports, loved UFC, was instant bromance. W always had huge mutual respect even though we were competitors and after Rahul went on to sell Voodoo PC to Hewlett Packard, and we remained friends throughout the years. He built quite a career by working for HP then joining Microsoft to start the Bing Fund, which helped hundreds of startups. In 2015 Rahul left Microsoft to start Unikrn, the world’s best eSports betting company. It was a courageous move to leave the comfort of a steady salary to go back to the “startup” scene. They raised over $10 million from investors like Mark Cuban, Binary Capital, and Tabcorp.

In 2016, I re-engaged with Rahul, and I invited him to join our board of directors and where Unikrn acquired a significant stake in MAINGEAR. The mission was simple, help MAINGEAR make PC gaming better and we went on to create the future strategy for MAINGEAR. We closed partnerships with major companies like Coca-Cola, HP, and Razer! 2017 was an exciting year! From these continued successes, I had the opportunity engage with a few different VCs and the experience wasn’t always great. While VC investment can be a great thing, it only makes sense if you find the right fit. I talked to a bunch and it never felt right. I didn’t want to bring on an investor that would suck the soul out of our business. After this experience we decided to ditch the traditional VC route altogether and instead offer equity to our community. The deal will be managed by Netcapital which is an incredible crowdfunding platform. Your chance of investing in MAINGEAR for equity is now. This is a real equity investment for a piece of our company that started in New Jersey in 2002 with zero funding.

We have ambitious plans to grow our company and make a difference in the gaming space. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I couldn’t be more excited! The future is looking great! Check out our offer page here:

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