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In 2002 I was able to turn my passion for both PC gaming and motorsports into a business; from the desire to succeed at both, MAINGEAR was born. With very limited resources while literally working out of a garage, our little startup stood out by employing the type of discipline, aesthetics, and purpose-built design that drives success in motorsports, whether it’s on or off the race track. Our goal was to make PC gaming better by building better PCs.

Over these years, we have built an amazing community of people that share the same passion. From our loyal customers to our passionate fans, I owe a lot of the success over these years to you, and I consider each one of you part of the MAINGEAR family. That is why when I was faced with looking at options to help with our ambitious plans to grow I decided to go with Netcapital. By opening MAINGEAR’s equity to that same community, I was able to give you all the chance to invest in a piece of our company that started in New Jersey in 2002 with zero funding. I’m excited to invite the people that have been with us since the start to join us on the next stage of our journey and own a piece of the future of PC gaming. This move took a lot of people by surprise but so far we have raised almost a quarter of a million dollars with your support and I’m incredibly humbled by this whole experience.

My mission is simple: help MAINGEAR continue to make PC gaming better for all gamers. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Thank You

Wallace Santos / CEO

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