Linum, t.i. Secret Shopper seeks the best 2019 gaming PC company.

In this 4 part video series, the LTT team anonymously purchased PCs from MAINGEAR, Origin, CyberPower, iBuyPower, HP and Dell. Some companies performed poorly, some did OK, while MAINGEAR was simply amazing! By purchasing the systems anonymously, the team at LTT was able to take an unbiased look at the real experience any regular customer would have. The video series is broken up into four different parts where they highlight the “purchasing experience”, “shipping/out-of-box experience”, “customer support experience” and overall “build quality + performance/value”. These videos, together, have accumulated over 5.5 million views and it’s still climbing.

Overall MAINGEAR came out the winner in the series, essentially nailing the customer experience from beginning to the end — losing only in part 4 where they talked about the performance-per-dollar, which was expected since we’re not the cheapest. Now let’s break it down:

Pt. 1 is where LTT secret shopper calls in and asks for help configuring a PC with a budget of $1500. LTT specifically asked for a PC that could game and record gameplay for YouTube. Our non-commission, no-pressure sales team are trained to not be biased towards any brand, only making recommendations based on the customer’s needs. In this case, because the customer wanted to plays games and “record games for YouTube”, we recommended the AMD Ryzen CPU due to the higher core count (at the time) vs Intel. Please take into account, the Intel 9000 series was not officially available for sale at the time of this call. Overall this was huge win for MAINGEAR.

Pt. 2 pretty much validates how we package and ship our PCs, also highlighting the out-of-box experience our customers get with every system purchase. Most companies did great in this part.

Pt. 3 is the “customer support” part of the video. This part of the series specifically highlights the pain of dealing with “tier 1” manufacturers like Dell and HP. They might ship a decent product, but damn… their support left much to be desired. iBuyPower also did poorly in this part, but I wouldn’t judge their support based on one employee’s lack of competence. Sounds like the iBuyPower guy just dropped the ball. The two overall winners in the part are absolutely Origin and MAINGEAR.

Pt. 4 is the Grand finale! In this part they meticulously analyze the build quality, Windows 10 image/software load, and overall performance. The Alienware PC simply performed horribly due to Dell’s proprietary hardware and bloated Windows image. The HP system handicapped the CPU frequency, probably due to the proprietary motherboard. iBuyPower’s build quality was just poor with old drivers (including GPU), missing bios settings and fan headers plugged into the wrong spots. Origin’s build quality was “OK” — some settings weren’t fully optimized in the bios correctly but the scary part was the exposed, non-soldered pass-through power cable! The pass-through cable is a huge hazard opening the possibility of shocking the end user… a big NO-NO! Finally, we get to MAINGEAR with its “virgin” software load, proper bios settings, performance optimizations and superb build quality. LTT really didn’t find any issues with the MAINGEAR system. Must watch!

When I say we build the world’s best PCs, I mean it! From the facility where our PCs are built, to the product we put out, all the way to the culture we’ve created… this whole series just makes me so proud of my team. Just read all the comments on YouTube: MAINGEAR is the People’s Choice! Overall we did the best in the series.

While I wish the conclusion would’ve been slightly clearer, not just positioning the systems based on the FPS/benchmarks, we’re still extremely happy nonetheless. A big thank you to the LTT crew for including us in this series! Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading.

Wallace Santos / MAINGEAR CEO

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