The mau5 is out of the bag.

Last week I announced our partnership with Netcapital where we opened up MAINGEAR for equity. This move took a lot of people by surprise and quite frankly the idea came from some terrible experiences that I had trying to work with VCs. To be fair not all VCs are the same, but the group I happened to deal with left a sour taste in my mouth. So, in expressing my frustrations with my friend and business partner Rahul Sood, we had an epiphany! Why not offer equity in MAINGEAR to the community? Fast forward a few months later and now we’re live! If you didn’t know, now you know… go here to invest.

It’s an exciting time for us and we’re making big moves, today is no exception. I’m very excited to announce that Joel Zimmerman, also known professionally as deadmau5, has joined MAINGEAR as an advisor and investor. Grammy nominated producer, musician, composer and happens to be a hardcore gamer… Perfect fit, eh? Yes indeed!

deadmau5 checking out the GTX 1080 and MAINGEAR PCs

I’ve always been a fan of deadmau5 and I was fortunate enough to personally meet him at the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 launch party, which happened to be almost completely powered by MAINGEAR PCs. He took notice and about a year later reached out to have a 1ofONE MAINGEAR PC built for his studio. This is where I got to really engage with Joel on multiple levels. I was almost in disbelief on how technical he was concerning his 1ofONE PC build. I mean, the guy knew everything he wanted, right down to the type of memory and PSU being used in his PC. The initial conversation went well and we hit it off and he ended up purchasing multiple PCs from us. Since then MAINGEAR PCs have been powering most of deadmau5’s projects including “where’s the drop?” an Orchestral Performance at the Wiltern Theatre.

In late January I had the opportunity to visit deadmau5 at his home in Canada where we had the time hang out and spend some quality time in his studio, riding quads in the woods, checking out his farm and discussing his cars. We share the same passion for high performance hardware and have very similar taste in fine automobiles: McLarens, Teslas, SRT Jeeps, etc. While out there I was able to share my vision for the future of MAINGEAR and my plans for this raise, and he instantly agreed to move forward. A few months later and voila!

I’ve built MAINGEAR purely based on my passion for gaming and that passion will never go away. Having true enthusiasts like Rahul Sood, deadmau5 and our community on-board will only help us impact the space. We’re in the process of creating something beautiful. Now it’s time to get to work and continue building this amazing company we call MAINGEAR.

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You can invest in MAINGEAR here.



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