The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

I know for a fact many good Christian women have sex with the guys they date.

One, in private, told me she & her boyfriend would spend weekends in a hotel in a nearby city, after doing missionary work & teaching about Jesus’ love on their jobs during the week. They went out of town to not be “discovered” by their Christian friends. (They may not have known some of their Christian friends were sleeping with their partners as well).
She told me she remembered well taking cell phone calls from her Christian friends while enjoying her man’s passionate thrusts deep into her “innocent’ p*ssy…

Neither were “virgins,” but found they enjoyed giving themselves to each other. They mostly used condoms, but one time, she wanted to feel her man fill her good-girl womanhood. I asked if, during his passionate thrusts, she ever thought of her faith or convictions…

As a Christian girl, she tried not to think of heavenly matters while he passionately made love to her. They often talked about spiritual things in the afterglow, but found herself doing sexual things, including mutual caressing, so they could make love more.

However, during those moments when she felt him finish in her, she did think of God and her (lack of) convictions. Those thoughts however soon subsided as she wrapped her arms around him even tighter as he made love to her even more passionately, which she craved.

She told me she knows she’s a very sexual person. Even though they taught Chrsitian principles during the day, during the night, they f*cked like crazy. They later got engaged. She distinctly remembers those late hours in the dark with nothing between them — not even a condom — to “protect” her Christian innocence, which she so willingly gave him in all 
sorts of positions !

She would sometimes think about the times when she was an innocent Christian girl, but those thoughts would fade as she did so many sexual things with him, there was no going back. Truth be told, she never wanted to go back. She couldn’t get enough of him.

I asked her if she valued “the gift” she gave him when she dutifully submitted to him. She said he appreciated that fact and was Christian too and would go to church with her, unlike the nonChrsitian men she would date (and sleep with). As a Christian girl, she told me she preferred a Christian man conquering her vs. the godless her nonChristian boyfriends. I
 asked her if she could tell a “difference” in the Christian & nonChristian mens’ p*nises she dated. She said she couldn’t.

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