In the past few weeks. I’ve been doing some serious work at @GNU with Raphael Mack Here is what I’ve done so far.


- initial eclipse plug-in architecture

- added a perspective view and custom navigation(Project Explorer)

- added GUI for the creation of a new Liberty Eiffel project.

  • added project creation behavior, project nature and folder structure
Project creation wizard
Project creation 2.


- continued work on the custom navigation

- defined the project file type extension ( .e class) for the src folder

- write test for work done up till this point.

- added navigation pop-up menus(New, Refresh, Properties)

  • added behavior for the custom navigation pop-up menus
Package explorer
Package explorer

Any ways I will need to fix this to view other Eclipse projects since Eiffel will work hand-in-gloves with C.


- started the implementation of the Eiffel editor (writing the language grammar) with syntax highlighting.

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