Wallem: ready to go!

May has arrived and after a long break due to the Coronavirus, Wallem is finally ready for a great restart: from May 4th it will starts with the first official Wallem worldwide event where it will be possible to win Polaroid products.

Also, in May, another three official Wallem worldwide events will be available with Tesla, Burger King and Apple products.

Wallem NFT Landlord

Starting from May 11th, the great adventure of the Wallem NFT Landlord will also begin. Thanks to these NFTs, those who decide to buy them can earn based on the participation of users in a specific country.

The first NFT Landlord to be auctioned on Opensea will be the one related to Italy and 8 specific events will be announced for Wallem’s Italian audience which will take place starting from May 11th with Italian coverage for 60 days.

During these official Wallem events, it will be possible to win products related to Origin, Nintendo, Marionnaud, Foot Locker, Blizzard, Spotify, Steam and PlayStation brands. Other official Wallem events and official partnerships with Brand will be announced progressively.

The Wallem marketing restarts simultaneously with the start of the events and the various activities in progress will be communicated on the official Wallem channels.

Buckle up, Wallem and Pteria are returning!

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Wallem Team

Wallem Team

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