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LIME Wallet-Litepaper

April 2019 -version 1.0


LIME is open source cryptocurrency wallet software for multiple operating systems that stores your public and private keys and interface with various blockchain.So users can monitor their balance, send money and conduct other operations.The main and very unique feature of LIME Wallet is virtual address for cryptocurrencies.Everyone gets unique human readable crypto address just like domain name or email id for easy transactions.Send,Recieve/Collect cryptocurrencies using easy to remember virtual address Inspired by UPI(Unified Payment Interface).


According to some research and survey conducted worldwide reports about 14% of the world’s population (from urban locations) are using cryptocurrencies for buying products,checking blockchin apps,trading toekns and many more activities.Millions of users using cryptocurrency wallets for storing their tokens.We have uncountable public addresses from multiple blockchains.

Satoshi Nakamoto did not conduct enough user experience testing prior to launching Bitcoin. But the result from a lack of user experience highlights a major impediment in the form of one word when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption Intimidation. The average person will be able to remember his or her bank account number, but for a Bitcoin wallet address this is significantly harder to do.These addresses contain around 30 characters, which can be both (case sensitive) letters or numbers.Copying and pasting public addresses is everyone’s preffered option.Without phone/Desktop/Web access copy paste option is not possible.QR code mode also not works well carrying QR code all time is not possible.A address error makes loss of crypto which is not recoverable once sent.

Mass adoption or real world adoption of crypto is very difficult because technical knowledge is required.Just think about daily transactions grocery,food,bill payment,ordering products over phone etc,its very difficult to bring crypto addresses here.Newbie or common people without technical knowledge needs simple and easy interface with user friendly options.Sending,Collecting,Exchanging cryptocurrencies with simple and easy way is very important.


The only blockchain which offers human readable and easy crypto public address is EOS.But thousands of coins available now with multiple blockchains,they will be very special in its own category.There are solutions to these problems and more including things like the Ethereum Name Service but the process to getting a human-readable address can be quite daunting for the average user as well.Changing the whole crypto industy is not possible but to bring crypto to mainstream a decent plan is needed.

In order to solve some these problems and support crypto adoption we are creating LIME Wallet.As we know IP address is mapped or forwarded with domain names,this process made web access easy for all and we have seen massive growth of the Internet.We are making a project which converts cryptocurrency address to customized and unique virtual addresses.LIME Wallet gives you the option to set your own address for crypto currencies.

You can send, recieve, request from other using virtual addresses.Virtual Address is unique and it’s like an email address.It’s very easy to remember and share with anyone.We are just adding another layer to existing crypto currency wallet softwares.We are making address mapper which holds virtual addresses and these virtual addresses making realworld transaction very easy.

Virtual ID Example: Imagine Justin sun using our LIME Wallet with customized cryptocurrency address.

The original crypto address of tron : TEAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxai

Virtual Address generated by Justin Sun : Justinsun@tron

Features :

The LIME Cryptocurrency wallet offers architecture and a set of standard Application Programming Interface (API) specifications to facilitate online payments. It aims to simplify and provide a single interface across all cryptocurrencies besides creating interoperability and superior customer experience.

LIME Wallet Interface provide the following core features

  • Ability to use wallet for all payments including person to person, person to entity, and entity to person.
  • Ability to use wallet to “pay” someone (push) as well as “collect” from someone (pull).
  • Ability to pay and collect using “virtual payment addresses” that are “aliases” to crypto address.
  • Ability for sending collect requests to others (person to person or entity to person).
  • Ability to pre-authorize multiple recurring payments(utilities, school fees, subscriptions, etc.) with a one-time secure authentication and rule based access.
  • Ability for all payment system players to use a standard set of APIs for any-to-any push and pull payments.
  • Ability to make payments using 1-click 2-factor authentication all using just a wallet on phone or PC without having any acquiring devices or having any physical tokens.


LIME Wallet’s global vision is to greatly accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency by creating virtual address mapper.We respect crypto currency rules and we are not collecting any data from you.Common people can understand and use cryptocurrencies with the help of LIME Wallet.

You can create unlimited virtual address for any token.We are adding TRX,BTC,ETH,XRP and USDT first and other tokens are added later.You can hold multiple coins at one wallet.Your funds are secured with our wallet,cold storage, multi-signature transactions, one-time printable backups, multiple wallets interface, GPU-resistant wallet encryption, key importing and more options available. Good privacy, great security features, multi-signature options, solid cold storage options is our goal.

LIME Wallet also adds exchange feature to wallet its available inside app where users can easily trade or exchange tokens.We are also releasing LIME Mapper API for other wallets to adding virtual address function to existing wallet.Another planned idea is to create exchange virtual address DEX with remote autoswap function using API.

LIME Payment Gateway is a easy way to accept cryptocurrencies we will release CMS plugins and other plugins for merchants.You can place e-commerce orders,book tickets/order anything via phone and do more things using virtual address.


We planned to airdrop TRX monthly with collected fees and other profits.LIME holders getting rewards according to their holdings.Rewards structure is as follows

  • 20% for LIME holders(Founders excluded)
  • 20% extra only for LIME VIPs.

Token Burn :

For every address creation some amount of LIME will be Burned.You have to hold atleast 5 LIME to register virtual address.

Token Details :

LIME is a custom TRC20 token is created on Tron Blockchain.

  • Name : LIME
  • Pre-ICO price : 0.01 TRX
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
  • Accepted tokens : TRX,BTT,SEED,ANTE

Our Pre-sale already started and you can buy our tokens via telegram with the price of 0.01 TRX.We introduced LIME VIP also,where users who purchases VIP pass will get LIME and bonus with lifetime dividends offer.Only 50 LIME VIP spot available(at the time of writing only 45 spots available).

Roadmap :

  • Mar 20 -Apr-30 2019 : Pre-sale via Telegram with 1M TRX goal+LIME VIP
  • May 2019 : App development and Crowdsale(Applying for Binance Launpad)
  • Jun 2019-Jul 2019 : Wallet Release for multiple platforms.
  • Aug 2019 : Product upgrade with LIME Exchange.

Additional Information :

We are writing separate articles for transaction and LIME VIP Information.

Website :


LIME wallet

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LIME is a crypto wallet with enhanced user experience.Users can send and receive Cryptocurrencies with Virtual Addresses.

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