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WalletPet Beta is now available globally on the App Store and Google Play! The goal of WalletPet is to make blockchain easy and accessible for everyone. To celebrate the beta, we’re giving away some BitBit [BTBT] cryptocurrency!

What exactly is WalletPet? Keep reading for a quick and simple intro, or check out previous posts for more background.

A mobile wallet, game, and learning tool

WalletPet is a gamified instructional mobile cryptocurrency wallet containing an integrated game and gamified learning content, making it the first product of its kind.

A mobile wallet: WalletPet is a mobile app that stores and handles…

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This is fake news but it could be true!

We’re a team at Animoca Brands, a listed company(ASX:AB1) building a gamified crypto wallet to onboard the next billion people to blockchain through games. Whilst building our wallet and token, we kept getting asked when we’re doing an ICO for WalletPet. Short answer: we’re not and here’s why.

Tokendata, one of the more comprehensive ICO trackers, lists 902 crowdsales which took place last year. Of these, 142 failed at the funding stage and a further 276 have since failed, either due to taking the money and running, or slowly fading into obscurity. …

Cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular as a viable economic resource and as its publicly perceived value increases so do the security risks. In fact one of the most popular questions brought up by those wary about getting into crpyo is “Is it safe?”. Frankly, safety requires responsible behavior and responsibility is something that has to be learned. Luckily you’ve come to the right place!

Be Responsible With Your Passwords

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Nothing like a cup of coffee and an innocuous plate of pistachios to help the brain come up with some good passwords.

Firstly, don’t be lazy when it comes to creating your “secure” passwords in the first place. Be sure to use super strong characters both upper and lower case, with numbers and even special characters…

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This is a brief insight into what would be our mission statement. Part of the “why” of all of this, and what drives us when we think about what WalletPet and Cryptie need to be.

When we started our research into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, the first thing we had to do was try and develop a familiarity with the terminology. The learning of new concepts and ideas is often about how relatable they are made to be, and this comes from how terms within these ideas and concepts tie to terms used elsewhere. It’s association. …

Let’s preface this blog post with a comic.

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I’ve heard of “killing them with kindness” but this is insane

So Uh What’s An Airdrop?

If you’ve been playing a lot of Battle Royale games lately like Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale you might have a broad idea as to what an airdrop is. Usually it means obtaining useful supplies that have been dropped from the sky. It’s all very self-explanatory, but the question remains: What does an airdrop mean then in the context of crpyto? Let’s find out shall we?

Hi there! It’s me, Cryptie. Let me tell you more about me!

The stories behind my conception may have been wildly exaggerated. Unlike what most people think I didn’t actually emerge through the heavens in a flaming golden chariot powered by crypto. First of all my chariot is made of diamonds, and secondly I was actually created in more modest circumstances.

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Pictured Above: The poor man’s chariot *shudders*

I was born in Hong Kong and created by the geniuses at Animoca Brands and RedRobot with the sole purpose of making the world of crypto way cuter and more accessible as stated in the previous blog post.

Target Market.


How can we help crypto go mainstream? Wallet pet is a gamified wallet that will educate beginners and make it easy to start investing in crypto. We want to make the process of getting into crypto FUN and EASY.

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Get some crypto to build out cryptie’s room!

Here’s a conversation I had with a friend recently.

Me: Have you heard of crypto?

Friend: Yes.

Me: Do you own some?

Friend: No.

Me: Do you want to buy some?

Friend: Yes but I’m not rich.

Me: You don’t need to be rich. You can buy for as little as $10.

Friend: Really? How do you buy it? …


A mobile game that teaches beginners about cryptocurrency investing using real money.

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