There Is a Moderate Republican in this Race, but She’s Running as a Democrat
Tony Brasunas

Nonsense. I disagree, and don’t think Hillary holds many right wing values; she’s hawkish on foreign policy but that’s it. Does she advocate:
1. Huge tax cuts and huge increases in defense spending like Reagan?
2. Cutting taxes on the rich and trickle down economics like Reagan or George H.W. Bush?
3. Breaking unions by firing them all like Reagan? 
4. Appointing justices like Robert Bork or Antonin Scalia like Reagan? 
5. Opposition to Gay Rights? 
6. Opposition to the Civil rights act and Voting Rights Act? 
7. Questioning scientific evidence on environmental problems such as climate change?
8. Letting the NRA dictate domestic policy?
9. Opposition to women’s health?

The Atlantic, in an article comparing domestic agendas on the economy between Elizabeth Warren and Clinton concluded: “When her advisors say she’s held progressive economic views for a long time, they’re right.” (quote from end of article linked below)

And Nate Silver’s 538, in analyzing her positions, also finds her a liberal for a long time.

In These Times also finds her a long time progressive

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