Home Decor Can Help You De-Stress

5 Tips To Calm Your Mind Through Interior Decor

From a teenager to older, no one is left behind. Stress has become apart of everyone’s life. Some are stressed from their work designation, from family disputes and responsibilities and some are due to materialistic race.

Today’s youth is much more stress prone as they hit their 20s, the end of their college life and enter into a completely different lifestyle which is full of stress. The targets, work load, late night shifts, responsibilities, lack of sleep and here starts a long list leading all the way to anxiety. People start getting away from living a happy life to just moving on with the life. Social circle, family, friends allare just names in the contact lists, which are hardly being contacted because everyone in running in a race which has no finish line. Yes, I agree that one needs to work and earn for livelihood but not on the cost of your health and happiness.

People state that even after going back home from work they don’t feel relaxed neither by being comfy on their couch and watching TV nor by sleeping, yet something related to their work goes on in mind. Here are five brilliant ideas that you can apply in your interior décor to help you de-stress. After all my friend getting relaxed or de-stress is all about diverting your mind and thoughts from the activities that are causing stress.

So, here are five interior decor tips that will help you de-stress and enjoy a happy, peaceful life.

1. De-clutter, organize and add some art effects to create a serene environment

Want to remove negativity or stressful vibes of your home?
 Spot the most undesirable places and clutter in your home such as filthy corners of bathroom or some unnoticed areas. De-clutter them and replace them with some greenery or artistic items. Interior of your home matters for peace and serenity.
 Placing some house plants and flowers can help in feeling fresh and oxygenated. You can place Aloe Vera, Golden Pothos (locally called as money plant), Snake plant or Bamboo palm in the corners and other suitable places of your home. They purify the air and help you breathe well and remain healthy. As the sun colors flowers, the art colors life; even the artful things like handmade pieces, sculptures, positive art paintings and other similar artifact will give you some alert and empowering your walls and makes you happy when you look at them.
 Messy, unorganized and cluttered space creates a lot of disturbance in the mind, even if you are not aware of it. Organizing your home and cleaning up your mess, helps to calm the mind and can be the first part of de-stressing your life.

2. By using subtle colors in your home.

“Colors are the Smile of Nature.”
 To live a colorful life you can color your walls and get decor with light and bright colors. To bring true colors in real life, you need to bring home some amazing subtle color textures and patterns. Every color has its symbolism and effect on your mind; you just have to find out some astonishing colors which suit your personality and soothe your mind, body and soul. As simple is the color scheme, more stylish it looks. If you get to mix too many textures and patterns, it can get bit distracting. Incorporating calming pastel shades of beige, white, blue and green to your walls will visually help you de-stress and gets the soothing energy in your home.

3. Creating a sanctum in your bedroom

Incomplete or restless sleep is one of the main reasons for the stress and anxiety in your life. Some people brag about their less hours sleep in offices, if you are one of them then don’t be proud of…
 There is nothing great about not being able to take a good sound sleep of seven to eight hours. It can be hard to keep your bedroom a perfect, peaceful sanctuary but it should be the place to feel relaxed after a busy day.

Sticking to your right bedtime every night, it is necessary to have an inviting bed, soft pillows, comfortable mattress, light and warm blankets, and a calm color idea in your bedroom; it shouldn’t bring the extra anxiety when you get into your bedroom after a long day. There should be tranquility in your bedroom with a peaceful ambience. Even the fabrics used should be soft such as velvets and soft linens for giving you a calm touch.

4. Brightening your home with more lights

Allow natural lights or sunlight to enter into your house removing all the dark spaces. Natural sunlight creates a good space of calm effect, also getting vitamin D to you. Sunlight is also beneficial to detoxify the atmosphere of your home. 
 When there is no scope of natural sunlight, you can use floor and table lamps. At night rather than using ceiling lights that cause mash up of light, these lamps create a calm low light without any harsh overhead lighting. It makes your home feel serene and creates a relaxing mood.

5. Devising a Hobby room/corner for relaxation.

Are you able to exercise or devote time to some fun activity? If it’s a no, then you should definitely have a room or space in your house for some fun time or devote to your indoor hobbies. Whether it is reading, listening to music or some indoor game, just create a particular room or corner for it. Give some time to your hobby, leaving or shutting down your tech devices and gadgets. Here you can read your interests, play some fun games or spend time to listen some light soulful music which makes you feel refreshed.

Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither stress nor suspicion. If not for any hobby, you can make a meditation room and spend some peaceful time either for religious or spiritual purpose for relaxation.

The interior design of home can be affected by the walls to a great extent, so the designers give advice to get some murals or wallpapers installed in your rooms to create a peaceful environment and creating a highlight area in your home. A Buddha Wallpaper can create serene environment, a peaceful Sunset in Nature Wallpaper can change the whole look of the room, a Flower Wallpaper in soothing colors can change the mood of the bedroom and a 3D Wallpaper For Walls can add a new dimension to any small room. Use Custom Wallpaper For Walls for de-stressing your life.

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