How To Design Interiors if You Have An Extrovert Personality

It has been scientifically proven that your personality type gets reflected in your choice of interiors. The choice of colors, lightings, layout, furniture and the overall design aesthetics are a reflection of your personality type.

If unfortunately, for any reason you have an interior decor which is not in harmony with your general personality traits then this may disturb your peace of mind. It may disturb you to such a great extent that you start under performing in work and social life. It can result in increased anxiety, restlessness and stress.

In this post we are going to delve into the extrovert personality.

As an extrovert you love to socialize and are energized when in the circle of friends or when you are in a social get together. People are attracted to you and you love having people around you.

What you require is a perfect place to socialize, entertain guests and at the same time a decor which impresses people.

Interior Layout : The layout of your ideal living place has to be spacious, modern keeping pace with the times and the decor has to be the one in trend. The style of decor will vary with the area you live in.

For ex: For a modern apartment in Manhattan you would seek a contemporary or modern layout with gloss or sleek finish to the whole layout. And if you are living in a big ranch in Texas, you would seek a classical traditional style of layout and furniture.

Lighting: You would seek bright wall lamps, chandeliers and also LED and mood lights to set the mood for the party. You would be attracted to a design where you can set the mood of the gathering by controlling the lights. Bright and dazzling at one time and subtle and diffused low lights at another time.

Colors: As an extrovert bright and warm colors attract you. Bright red, orange, yellow and bright green are all your shades. Infact it is not possible to paint all your walls in these bright colors or pick upholstery in these colors. But you should always plan to have a touch of these colors in your interiors.

Furniture: The furniture in the living room should have a flexible layout, with the option to move around to create space, if required. At the same time there should be flexibility to increase the sittings or create small sit out areas to accommodate different smaller groups in the framework of a large gathering.

As far as the concept of adding a splash of vibrant colors in the interior decor is concerned, Wallpaper for Walls and Custom Wallpaper in particular can satisfy this need. Customized Wallpaper and Custom Wall Mural offers great flexibility in the selection of the design.

You can create one accent wall or a highlight area using Custom Wallpaper while keeping the tone soft on all the other walls. Cushions and rugs can be thrown in which match with color of the mural to create a perfect interior.

Custom Wallpaper is available in all the segments you can think of. Whether you require a Textured Wallpaper, Modern Wallpaper or a Religious Wallpaper, with easy Peel and Stick Wallpaper option, Walls and Murals offers a huge collection of more than 3000 designs to choose from.