I want an escape from everything.

Life is not so difficult. But, we make it complicated. Our thoughts and mind ruin everything. And, sometimes you want an end to this never ending loop. I have this imagination, that I am in a circle inside so many other circles that are rotating really fast and I try hard to come out to the next outer circle and then to the next and so on to make an escape. But, there is no way out. I fall back to the same place where I started.

I am not saying that I want to quit. I don’t quit. I can deal with it. I know. But, I just want a start. A fresh start. Just a few months and there is something to look forward to. I know it’ll be hard and I’ll miss everything I would have left behind. From home and loved ones to almost everything I was familiar and comfortable with. I am going to miss it all.

But, I like adventures. I’ll like how I feel when I see new places, meet new people. I want to feel the wind and breathe in the new air. I want to grow and learn more. I want to change as I learn more and more about the meaning behind our lives, as I discover more about myself. I want to live life not just the right way but by feeling alive. And, that is the most important thing for me at the moment.

In the next few months, I want to let go off of this tini-tiny problems in my life and look beyond and learn how to deal with this with even more ease. That’s how life is, right? You’ll learn to adjust and it be all alright.

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