Trump correctly assumed the mainstream media is now part of the for profit entertainment media.
George N Romey

Boy is this ever right. We might be interested in hearing what Les Moonves of CBS has to say now. Is he still happy about the Donald’s ability to put money in the bank for him or does he yet see the danger he and others have actually put this country in? By not treating this “man” and what he said seriously and hold him to account, Moonves and all the others actually set T***p up to succeed. My question now to them would be, “If you had suspected then about DT’s possible friendliness with Putin, would you(the Press)have treated him any differently”?

There is another aspect to this too, that we as supposedly sophisticated readers and citizens of this country, must accept I think. Because T***p’s fans and rabid supporters actually offended our sensibilities, we shut down and refused to engage with them. We have all forgotten how to relate with others holding opposite views therefore the perfect storm was allowed to evolve with DT acting as the political “weather system” that created this tornado thats very likely to flatten us and create a disaster zone for democracy. I’m certain this would please Mr Putin immensely.

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