Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin, I understand from your screed that you don’t particularly care for Ms Harris. Everyone is entitled to one’s own opinion so I’ll interject mine here. I’m old enough to remember the anti-war protests of the 60's and the overall left-wing hate and discontent of the time. Cities burned, we had several attempted assassinations with a few being successful. This country has seen far too many of it’s young men and women die needlessly in war and hate. Yes, I’m an old fart.

You and your generation please feel free to jump into the political mix and change things for the ideal you so obviously seek. Just keep a few things in mind. One. There really isn’t anything new under our sun. Two. Impatience gets you nowhere fast. Three. Being scared and fearful gets you Donald Trump. Four. Being a potty mouth is only good for shock value. It does nothing to elevate the problem from the sewer into the light. While smutty language shocks, most people really appreciate being given positive ideas toward a constructive path forward rather than being forced to hold a high voltage line for more than two seconds.

People don’t live in a vacuum. We are all impacted by others around us for whatever reason. You don’t think much of Ms Harris? Find someone you like and promote them enough to get them elected to a position that will benefit you. If you do that though, you are quite likely to become that very thing you hate and that would be part of this establishment.

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