I guess I, as a trans woman coming from a family of immigrants, is “mega-privileged” for not voting for Hillary.
You’re Not Voting For Hillary To Protect Me
Morgan Visser

I’m somewhat confused by all your assertions. How do you know this? Are you party to information that somehow hasn’t managed to come out about Mrs Clinton? I fail to understand how she will be imbued with all this power to disrupt your life and that of those you love. She hasn’t held elective office since she was a senator and certainly as Sec’y of State had no power of her own as she served at the pleasure of the President. God knows as First Lady she had no power so where is all this hair-on-fire fear of yours coming from? We’ve had some pretty scarey presidents before but even they haven’t quite measured up to this monster you have imagined so effectively. You’ve got yourself scared into a fit. And frankly, you are almost as scarey as Mr Trump. So take a breath and reread our Constitution that very much limits our President to 1/3 of the Nation’s pie.