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I’m surrounded by Trumpists, unfortunately but not a one would admit to being racist but they hate Hillary or Obamacare! Go figure. I couldn’t wait to get my Hillary bumper sticker just to piss ‘em off. I am holding my breath until the election and I am scared to death. Democrats have done little to promote the advantages of having democrats in the President’s office. They have done little to combat the noise of failure put out by republicans. This country has its problems but it’s not in Trump’s shitter, not yet at any rate. But by giving Trump the reins of the power of this country in November, those very people could very well sign the death warrant of our way of life as we have known it for over 200 years. Our founders issued us a challenge and today we aren’t too far from falling on our faces and failing utterly. It takes action, participation and just giving a damn to hang on to all we love and hold dear.