The Best Investment a (Failing) Society Can Make
umair haque

So sad but absolutely true. In spite of the glitches of the Affordable Care Act, we had really begun to see some societaly positive effects of the law. No, the law was not perfect by any stretch; it was pretty much patterned after the Romney Massachusetts health care law with embellishments added by the Heritage Foundation and the Republicans. Dems passed it in spite of its shortcomings because it was better than nothing and that’s what those who have it, have discovered. Had Democrats succeeded in maintaining their majorities in 2010, the ACA stood a good chance of being improved. That didn’t happen and so here we are today watching what’s left of Obama’s dream get gutted completely by those who don’t give a happy damn about the country or its weakest people. Suddenly, the deficit hawks of the Obama presidency, don’t give a hoot that with the gutting of the ACA, the deficite will balloon and about 3M jobs will disappear into thin air. Emergency rooms and hospitals will once again start catching the loads of critically ill and broken bones, with most patients having no coverage.

Have no fear though, TRUMP CARE is just around the corner - somewhere out there. And it’s going to be the best thing since sliced bread. Now, aren’t you reassured?

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