Do you know when to STFU? (Then why can’t you?)

Thank you so much! I think what most people don’t realize is that Nature spontaneously ABORTS more fetuses than women by themselves ever could. This is just one reason I tend to get nuts with the “anti-s”. Why don’t they rail against NATURE and leave our sisters alone?

So along with what you so cogently said, stay out of my or anyone else’s very PERSONAL decisions. You aren’t T-H-I-N-K ing. You aren’t being True(to others), Honest(with yourself), Inspiring(to humanity), is what you do Necessary(really?)and lastly and most importantly, is what you are doing KIND? If you aren’t keeping your own doorstep swept clean then what gives you the right to go out of your way to clean up someone else’s house? Get over yourselves!

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