The DNC Destroyed America
Nicholas Grossman

This is the thing. Bernie Sanders is an INDEPENDENT and those who lust after him are what exactly? Are you all Independents? If so, get out of the Democratic house and form your own party! What are you afraid of? Let the Democrats fall on their own if you think they will but for Pete’s sake stop trying to turn a Democratic party into your Socialist dream. The middle of the country is not there yet so you had better get busy and be ready to make your move in 10–20 years. You will not change the face of political America overnight, especially now. In spite of all your invective, Bernie will retire eventually so there had better be someone sound of mind and able to make a huge difference in peoples’ lives to fill his shoes. He or she had better be good enough to energize the huge middle of the country that just will not get off their butts and bother to cast a vote. This is why we are living with Donald Trump, a simpleton of the first water who may just sell us all up the river to the Russians. If Bernie’s vision of America is the America you want then get busy and allow us Democrats the freedom to not become you.