5 ways to start your day off at 110%

Brandon Bryant
Jan 4, 2018 · 1 min read

The way you start your day can be the most important thing you do

It should be seen as a big confidence builder

You should set yourself up for wins (progress)

Progress builds confidence

Confidence helps you crush the day

5 ways:

  1. The best morning routine starts the day before with a nightly routine
  2. Setup instant wins (make bed, draft emails the day before, journal, etc.)
  3. Plan your day hour by hour down to the exact minute ( you don’t have to follow the plan down to a science but the exercise helps you be more thoughtful about your time)
  4. Listen to 15–30 minutes of motivation or read something inspiring
  5. Look at a list of your goals to remind yourself why you are hustling so hard

Any others ways to start off your day with confidence?

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