How to 10X Your Network as a Millennial

5 quick ways to level up your network in 2017

  1. Build relationships through social media engagement. Liking, commenting, and re-sharing information / articles of other people can put you on the radar of someone you would like in your network
  2. Share information. Do not feel afraid to reach out to people you have met only once or twice. Try to include a recent article, mention a connection you share in common or just bring them a value add like “Hey I remember you were interested in real estate so thought to share this article or invite you to this event.”
  3. Pay close attention to special dates. Stay up-to-date with birthdays, anniversaries, or new job positions — this is the perfect time to make yourself top of mind and say congratulations or happy birthday
  4. Double opt-in emails. Having a warm intro is best case scenario. **Note** never send an intro email including someone unless both sides have been notified.
  5. Join networking groups: Join facebook groups, meet up groups and local email lists that are relevant to your industry. Even if you are unable to attend any of these events invite / share with all of your network. People will see you as a connector and start looping you in on everything.

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