Brexit, Trump and the Ultimatum Game
James Allworth

I suspect that in many ways I disagree with much of what you believe to be true, but this analysis, simplistic as it is, is only a part of this entire issue. There is more than just an economic argument to both Brexit and Trump, which you seem to be ignoring.

Brexit for starters. Britons were tired of having their lives controlled by an unelected group in Brussels, with decisions being made that were not in their best interests. Brits being Brits — that wasn’t going to go on for very long before something was done about it, and Brexit was the solution. 
I would add also that given the size of Britain’s economy, they’ll do just fine. In fact, with the reduction in the value of the pound, they are already finding advantages in the marketplace.

Trump — you seem to disregard in its entirety the fact that the Republicans have handed the party the keys to Congress, the Senate and many governorships and other positions. Yet none of what the party faithful wish to see has been enacted in legislation: immigration issues, Obamacare repealed to name just two of the big ones.
The party members (and many who joined the party because of Trump) are sick and tired of being ignored — and Trump is their way of saying ‘ok, the fun is over, we want what we want and we mean to have it’.

You can argue that economic issues were at the heart of both of these situations, and to a certain extent, that’s true. But it’s most decidedly not the entire story.

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