How Athletes Are Using Social Media to Increase Brand Equity

There are only a handful of rising professional athletes doing an awesome job connecting with their fans on Instagram. Professional athletes such as 4x WNBA All-Star Minnesota Lynx (SF) Maya Moore and 2x Pro Bowl New York Giants (WR) Odell Beckham Jr. are just a few well-respected athletes (at least in the United States) using Instagram to build a loyal fan base outside their professional affiliation.

Outside the United States you’ll find that professional soccer players like Real Madrid C.F. (Forward) Cristiano Ronaldo (arguably the best soccer player in the world) and FC Barcelona (Forward) Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. are the most celebrated athletes on Instagram.

To give you a clear understanding on how popular soccer players are; take 12x NBA All-Star Lebron James. According to outside the United States Lebron is the 37th most-followed athlete on Instagram. Pretty crazy huh?

Soccer fans flock to Cristiano Ronaldo “IG” account to get a behind-the-scene look on his workout routines, Nike football ads, and dapper style haircuts. Neymar da Silva Santos Jr is so popular that his supporters have created 7 Instagram Neymar Jr fan page accounts that simply showcases his rise to stardom.

Some may argue that Instagram is much better than Facebook and Twitter combined. In fact Instagram is the fastest-growing social media site with over 400 million active users.

Client: So what does this all mean for my brand?

TWDG: It means you should really pay attention to your customers’ social media activity. If they are active on Instagram users. You should also be active on Instagram.

Before you can build a successful Instagram branding strategy you’ll need to layout your purpose. In other words, what type of conversion are you seeking to accomplish? Are you looking to…

· Promote a Sale/Discount

· Build Your Mailing List

· Attract Advertisers

· Attract Talent

· Encourage Online Visitors to Contact You

· Expand Your Social Reach to Maximize Word of Mouth/Mouse

Once you’ve identified a purpose you’ll need to craft out a strategy then execute it. The following are 4 helpful Instagram tips guaranteed to place you in the right direction:

1. Power of Visual Storytelling

Share “real-life” images of your social activities. Provide a sneak peek of what’s new and different about your brand. People are eager to learn more about the growth, culture, and lifestyle of your brand. Be sure each post tells a story.

Nike’s Instagram page is a perfect example of how to humanize your brand on Instagram. Remember, this platform gives you an opportunity to share your brand’s personality with potential clients.

Make an honest effort to connect with your followers and don’t be afraid to be a little transparent. Post videos and photos of beautiful and unexpected moments that you are proud of. Be active on your Instagram page by commenting and using hashtags.

2. Tell Me a Little Bit about Yourself

You literally get 150 characters to introduce yourself, so choose wisely. Instagram won’t allow you to hyperlink comments & photo captions. You can only add a link in the bio section of your profile.

Tip: If you’re interested on learning how to center your bio info, this is how you do it!

3. Profile Image

It’s important to note that any image you use will be cropped into a circle. Therefore, I highly recommended you use your current logo. Be sure it’s a 150 x 150 pixels image.

4. Contest & Giveaways

One of the best marketing techniques to help increasing engagement with your community is through contest and giveaways. You can track contest or giveaway promotions by asking your community to use a specific hashtag (ex. #PinIt2WinIt).

When editing photos for contest and giveaway promotions, we recommend you use PicMonkey’s Photo Editor. It’s a free online image editing site that is great for adding filters, frames, and text.

If these 4 Instagram tips helped you cultivate a better brand strategy on this platform, please let us know by sharing and leaving a comment at the bottom. If you have concerns on how to be better visual storytellers on Instagram, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Next Sunday, I’ll share more Instagram tips which I promise will produce favorable results for you brand. Thanks for read and sharing this article, Happy Belated Father’s Day!