5 Ways to Use Social Media for Social Good

How You Can Spread Good Vibes on Social Media to Boost Brand Awareness

We have always talked about the negative influence social media has on most people, especially on young teens. Much emphasis is paid on the destructive side of the internet, such as people using it for the purpose of cyberbullying or harassing someone. Nonetheless, social media has totally changed the way we engage with other one another, both locally and internationally.

There are some wonderful people around the globe that are using social media to spread good vibes. So here are some 5 helpful tips on how you can do the same:

1. Groups for Revolutionary Actions

Social media plays a very important role in revolutionary actions. It provides a platform where people get together and found support in their common desire for change. In particular, Facebook played a significant role in this regard. For example, a Facebook community ran by an activist Whel Ghonim, posted protest messages, images and photos through Facebook updates and Facebook notes. The community has grown up to more than 1 million followers.

2. Use your Social Presence

Use your social presence to create new relationships while maintaining the existing ones. This is essential for depicting your audience that you are really working hard for them and that they matter. In order to do so, share updates about your programs, mission, and events to show your devotion.

3. For Charity Purpose

Social media is used for one of the best possible means and that is to seek help and gain visibility for non-profit organizations all around the world. For instance, a group named, Child’s Play, is known for helping those children who are confined in hospitals through toys and video games in order to keep their spirits up. This group uses social media to organize events all around the world that raise thousands of dollars for these kids. With the help of huge followings on Facebook and Twitter, this group was able to raise $7,600,000 for these kids.

Another youth based organization called Free the Children also relies heavily on the social media to spread their stories and awareness among the youth. Through the powerful social media, this organization is able to inspire the audience to take action and support their cause.

4. Spread Positive Messages

Use social media for social good. And this can’t be done without spreading positive messages. Positivity not only gives you strength to lead a good life but also makes you look fresh and young. Sharing positive and thought provoking messages, pictures and videos on the social media helps you gather interest and huge following. Thus, in a life where everyone is stressed out due to one or another reason, a video or a picture sending a positive message can do some good.

5. Natural Disasters

Social media has been proven to be an extremely helpful tool for announcing the immediate needs of people and locations. For example, in the record-breaking flood of Serbian in May 2014, social media played a significant role in helping people. The twitter users created a website with the name of poplave.rs, which contained a map of the flood zone along with a forum section where people could report information. It was found that people around the globe were not only sharing information but also provided ways of helping them no matter where they were.