Always Sunny in Paoli (Right outside of Philadelphia)

Lacrosse Players Playing (

“Reaching the goals I set early in life, not letting myself fail.” Noah Joseph has been driven at a young age and the motivation carries through to today. He was born right outside of Philadelphia in Paoli, Pennsylvania a small town with about 5,500 residents. The proximity, a 5 minute drive, to Villanova lured him. When it was time to make his dream to play college lacrosse a reality Marquette made an offer he could not refuse. He is far from home but still loves a good “Steak dinner with Mac and Cheese and Asperagus.” His ideal meal. He approaches the games with years of experience and confidence he has worked for. Noah has seen his game develop, “When I was young, I went to a (Lacrosse) camp and at that time I was faster than everyone else. When I got older everyones quickness caught up with me, but since I was doing it at such a young age I had better skills than everyone else.” Not only the years of experience Noah has, but the understanding of his game is one of the things that makes him great. All dressed up in lacrosse shirt, with the baby blue lacrosse issued shorts it is clear he what sport he plays. Added to his attire a Minnesota Twins fitted cap with the bill facing backwards along with an impressive Orange and Teal Nike kicks. I asked why he dressed that way he simply said, “I was in a rush and wanted to be comfortable.” As Shakespear would say, swagger. In his free time he will watch a random Netflix movie or Always Sunny in Philidelpia. Noah goes to class not only to stay eligible, but in hope to get a job after he is finished with his la crosse career.

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