How I watch Videos

There are two main ways I watch video YouTube and Netflix. My behavior is driven by constantly looking to entertain myself and my effort to keep myself occupied. When I have down time I will find myself going through seasons of shows on Netflix or strange but funny YouTube videos. Since my work is playing basketball I enjoy a hobby of resting and my body appreciates it.

Netflix is great, in my opinion worth the monthly fee and then some. I love how I can watch episode after episode without commericals or without waiting next week on monday at 7:30 p.m. to watch the next episode. It gives a great selection too, I am not really into watching the newest movies as soon as they come out so when netflix has them it is great. More than a movie I enjoy watching TV shows or Documentaries. I will watch TV shows if I want a quick laugh or a Documentary if im in a mood where I want to learn something new and cool.

YouTube can be dangerous. I will watch a video of NBA highlights and 2 hours later I am watching a video of the tele-tubbies dancing to Soulja Boy. I am not the only one that has this problem and there are sites dedicated to, “the weird side of YouTube.” The phenomenon occurs after watching a video recommendations of videos similar to the one just played will pop up. Clicking on the most interesting cover photo it slowly begins to change into a different dimension.

I watch most of Videos on my laptop. I used to always watch it on my computer connected to my television screen back in my room but since I got my laptop I have used it everyday.

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