2016 and now:

  • Raising funds for food hawkers who lost their stalls in a massive fire.


  • Tackled Zika and Dengue communications with Facebook and govt agencies by using more Alt messaging.


  • Raised money with Nilu for the victims of Sri Lanka’s floods and went along to supervise distribution.


  • We raised awareness for kids growing up with autism spectrum with Singapore’s first Harvard A Capella Subway Tour.


  • Made a documentary on Singapore’s most prominent stand up comedian that hast gathered over 700K views.


  • Coached a group of 4 for 90 days through life goals.
  • Gave media training in Bali to the youth leaders from Kalimantan eatly this year, set up a HQ with video editing facilities.
  • Working on new ways to tell the Singapore story. We have much to be proud of and many more ways to make our nation great.


  • Getting a team together for my next trip to Kalimantan, to build clean-air rooms and supply drilling equipment to the firefighters prepping for subterranean fires.

My name is Wally.

I live in sunny Singapore.

I run a change management company Big Red Button, we use stories to help people/corporations/government agencies tackle issues differently.

I also lead a ground up initiative call Stand Up For Our Singapore.
We find ways to contribute to Singapore’s narrative on what kind of country we could be and how are the best ways to contribute one another.

In my spare time, I like to look at global problems and help out in my own little way. With friends I have built a village using the arts, given out 20 tonnes of rice to Smokey Mountain and recently, I am finding sustainable ways to address the Haze crisis in Kalimantan.

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