Design for VR

[1] Setup: don’t start app automatically or based on a timer. Allow the user to click through an initial screen, signaling they are ready for the experience to start.

[2] The best ways to indicate that your application uses VR include:

  • Mentioning VR in the title of your application
  • Including screenshots in Google Play that show stereoscopic vision, a strong indicator that the user is about to download a VR application

[3] Fuse button placement

Avoid placing fuse buttons in close proximity to each other. Fuse buttons work best if they are large targets that are sufficiently far apart from each other.

If multiple smaller fuse buttons are placed near each other, the user could accidentally click on the wrong button. Smaller buttons that are close to each other should require a direct click to activate.

[4] augment visual instruction with audio

[5] Display reticle

Cardboard Design Lab:

[1] it didn’t use distortation

[2] main menu is always at the bottom

[3] skybox is clear

[4] reticle animation is cool

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