Why Kippy may not be the best dog GPS
Jason Whittaker

Hi. I bought a Kippy GPS tracker about three years ago and experienced exactly the same problems as Jason. Mostly when the tracker finally caught a signal (if at all) and showed me a position on the phone, I was home again from my walk. Very often, it was in the “searching mode” for an hour and more. Just useless for me. And the plastic band for attaching the tracker to the collar, broke relatively quickly. Maybe Kippy has improved since, but for me it was scrap and I put it where scrap belongs to. I did not even try to argue with the Italian Kippy company. I bought a new tracker, called “tractive” (www.tractive.com) from an Austrian start-up company. It has worked perfectly for over 2 years now, all over Europe, without any problems also in the live-tracking mode and showing high accuracy. In fact my dashund lost his collar with the tracker once in a high rape field, and I found it again. It also works in forests and under any wheather conditions, but of course only, if there is also a provider signal for your phone. I am most happy with my tractive-tracker, although my dog does not go on private tours so often anymore, such as he did before I had the tracker.