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What is going on:

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and Russian military aggression in the Eastern region — Ukraine has been in a state of war. Russia has never officially declared it, but that’s not needed to call things by the name. Back in a day Russian military has captured the Crimean parliament, appointed their proxy government, and then staged a fake referendum with DPRK-style turnouts. They intended to do the same with Eastern Ukraine and South, sending their troops to capture governmental buildings, police offices, and arsenals. Donetsk “people’s mayors” were Russian citizens, supported by illegal Russian militaries, who never even lived in Ukraine.

Famous narratives of RU propaganda

Why this is important

Not all of this gets to the western news, and I can understand why. However, what should be on the western media agenda is that the battle of civilizations is now here, in Ukraine.

Russian police arresting a solo protester with a blank sheet of paper
Coparing ukrainian change of power with Russian / Belarus authocracy
Ukrainian Protest in London

What can you do

Depending on your life circumstances, you can do several things. If you can strengthen the Ukrainian military capabilities by any chance, we would appreciate more weapons. The more it costs Russians to invade, the less their militaristic optimism is. Meaning we all would be safer.

“Ukrainians will resist” march



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Yegor Walowski

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